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Long Beach Walls + Art Renzei

Live Projection Art Installations for public event


World Wide Walls / Creative Class LB

Follow Your Bilss    

      My bliss is sharing my passion for creativity. I created a series of projected artworks using the city of Long Beach as my canvas. I employed a projector and tablet with a loop/layer-based painting and animation software to create dynamic artwork in real time. I transformed the familiar in a playful and poetic way creating unique moments of light art.

     My bliss is being present, creating artwork in the moment that responds to the feeling and energy of the city. I took fragments of inspiration from local architecture and culture of the Long Beach environment and re-interpreted through my unique hand-drawn abstraction. For Long Beach Walls I weaved an experience with temporary mural-like projection artworks at two distinct sites. One at Open Gallery Long Beach and the Farmers and Merchants Bank Building in Downtown Long Beach.

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